Practice Areas and Services

Juliet Laycoe PC is a firm based in Vancouver, Washington. Our focus is always on the needs and interests of our clients. We guide and support our clients in a compassionate and caring manner through sometimes emotional, stressful or scary transitions in life.


We provide legal services in the following areas:

Legal representation to clients facing separation and divorce, including the establishment of parenting plans, child support and spousal support as well as property and debt settlements, high net worth cases and cases involving closely-held businesses, stock options and/or retirement or pension plans.  Juliet Laycoe PC prefers to work with clients to resolve their matter outside of court.  See Collaborative legal representation and Representation through mediation below.

Legal representation to clients who wish to resolve their family matter or dispute through a private, confidential and collaborative process.

Mediation of challenging and sensitive issues in the areas of divorce, family relationships, domestic partnerships, probate, estates and guardianships.

Representation of clients who are participating in mediation or wish to participate in mediation to resolve the issues related to their divorce or other family relationship matter. This may include active representation during mediation sessions as well as outside of mediation sessions, review of any written agreements or preparation of written agreements or documents necessary to memorialize agreements.

Limited legal services which may include:

    • Consulting and coaching individuals representing themselves in family law or related court disputes
    • Advising individuals participating in mediation on an occasional basis outside of the mediation session
    • Guiding individuals through court paperwork and forms required in a family law matter

Advice and consultation to attorneys and professionals evaluating legal issues in a particular family law or family relationship matter.

Representation of individuals in the negotiation and drafting of family relationship agreements which may include prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements, comprehensive powers of attorney, guardianship agreements and separate property and property status agreements.

Consultation to individuals interested in reviewing and adjusting (ie. modifying) parenting plan or support provisions from a prior order.

Representation and advice to individuals in guardianship, estate planning and estate administration matters which may include the commencement of probate proceedings or the drafting of wills, powers of attorney, health care directives and community property agreements.